Friday, March 13, 2015

And the winner is ...

Remembered that contest we told you about last week? Well, today they had the liveshow where they showed some of the obstacles people had sent in, and since it's only the middle of the day here in Sweden, we could watch it without losing any sleep (FOR ONCE).

We didn't understand everything that was going on (how about, "almost nothing"), but here are some of the submissions that stood out to us (all pictures are from the Niconico liveshow):

This one wins for best drawing skills! Actually, it looks really cool, it's kinda one of our favourites.

I don't know, this might be kinda cool??

Everyone was kind of making fun of this in the comments, but I kinda like it? I mean, it would probably be insane hard to actually hold on, but still ...

Hahahahaha, this one is one of our favourites, because it's just kind of "WTF?". Also, this comment: "Sasuke: Brought to you by IKEA." Ikea should totally sponsor Sasuke.

Kinda liked this one, although I have no idea if it could actually work.

Another insane one. Is it supposed to be spinning while you're climbing through it??? 

A Sasuke cliffhanger! 

At first I thought this was some kind of version on the Giant Swing, but apparently it's a seesaw pipeslider??? Anyway, that's INSANE. And kind of amazing.

Haha, trying to figure out how some of the obstacles actually worked ... Good thing they had a whiteboard standing by!

Hahaha, me and Ell both thought this one was crazy. Naturally, we love it.

Whoever did this was really serious about their work, and we like that!

And a nice little backflip.

Upside down Body Prop; very nice, we approve!

This guy actually built his obstacle, 10/10 would recommend, very Sasuke of you!

We liked this one because Excel.

This would be AWESOME, but probably really tough.We named it "Crazy pipeslider".

Sadly, they didn't show Ell's Motherfucking Cliffhanger, so we're hoping one of the submissions above get to take home the prize! We actually don't know who the winner is, but we think it's going to be announced over at TBS' Sasuke website. God knows when.

Sayonara ninja lovers!

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  1. I know why they didn't show it, because the MFing Cliffhanger involves fire, and every obstacle has to go through Health & Safety before it can be built and before the tournament can start, so I bet that when Inui saw it, he knew he was going to have to put the kabash on that, or have heck to pay from H&S. Not just for the MFing Cliffhanger, but for both of the submissions.


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