Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ninja Warrior SE: episode 10 recap

Air date: 26 March 2015

Obstacles fails:
Stage one
Stage two
Stage one
Stage two
Well, as you can see, no one made it past stage two, which means no one made it to Midoriyama/the tower. Still, Alexander Mars was the last man standing, which means that even if he didn't win any money, he will get to compete in Sasuke 31. And isn't that way better than money anyway?

And no we're not jealous. Not at all. Where would you even get that idea? (Btw Chriss, how is that "steal Alexander's identity and take his place in Sasuke-"plan coming along?).


Chriss & Ell commentary:

Adam Alsing (on the "Jumping" Spider): "It's a completely different obstacle now!"
Ell: "It looks basically the same to us in the audience."

Adam then proceeded to pronounce Sasuke like "Sasoke" and Chriss screamed. We're not always easy to please.


Walker Kearney makes the course looks like a "walker in the park" (what, have we heard that joke fivehundred times already? Naaah, can't be ...) and clears "The Chimney" aka the Spider Climb with ease.

Adam Alsing (commentator): "He's like Santa Claus - except the opposite!"
Chriss: "Excuse you, how do you think Santa gets back OUT of the houses?"

How would Santa do in Sasuke? Now this is a question we'd like to see answered.


Then firefighter Martin Lindh then fucked up at the Quintuple Step.

We couldn't believe it. He totally Shingo'd it up. :( The firefighters didn't do well at all today, a true shame.


Then we got distracted talking about how much we want me to compete in Ninja Warrior SE next year. Ya'll should go make me viral or something so they have no choice but to put me on the show. Just sayin'. If I'm not last man standing, how will I ever get to Sasuke?


I wish I could quote more of what we said, but, a lot of it is really inappropriate comments on the contestants' bodies, so we're gonna skip that (the phrases "I would climb that like a mountain" and "I wouldn't mind getting under that, if you know what I mean" were used). We watch it for the plot, and so on ...


Then we FINALLY got to see stage two! Sadly, only three people made it there, so we only got to see it the last like twenty minutes. A SHAME, because it was the first time we got to see only new obstacles, and it was fun. For next season, I would love to see more variations in the semifinal and final part one. It's a good course, and yeah, it's fun that people can fail obstacles they've cleared with ease several times before, but come one: we want more obstacles! Give it to us, Kanal5, I know you can do it!


Alexander Mars made it all the way to the Cliffhanger, but it's pretty brutal and during the drop from the highest bar to the lowest he lost his grip.

So close to making it all the way, but no. I think that Cliffhanger looks like something even the Sasuke stars would have a problem with, but Chriss wasn't on my side. Still, the design is more closely resembling the Ultimate Cliffhanger than any of the easier ones, so I'm not gonna say this should've been easy for any of them. Especially not in the rain ...


Adam Alsing (commentator): "It's raining pretty hard, maybe we should cancel this."
Mårten Nylén (commentator): "Forget about it! This is Ninja Warrior!"

YEAAH. That's the Sasuke spirit, Mårten!


Then both David Johansson and Walker Kearney failed when they were trying to get on the Floating Boards. I'm not that surprised, David Johansson is built like a fricking fridge, so his weight would've been against him even if it HADN'T been raining, and well ... when you're trying to grab a fucking board sideways, you kinda need some sort of friction to stay on. Rain would stop even the best competitors, and it seems it did.

Anyway, we're happy for the "winner" Alexander Mars, and I'm gonna finish this sentence before it derails and I start sobbing about being jealous because he's going to Sasuke. Damn.


And with that, the first season of Ninja Warrior SE is over. While we may have been a little skeptical and/or critical at times, Chriss and I are of course huge fans of the show, if for no other reason than that without we would never had heard of Sasuke. And we would never have become the Sasuke hipsters, which would truly have been a tragedy.

Still, compared to Sasuke 1 (for example), this was pretty good, so I'm definitely hoping for lots more season, and not only because I wanna compete myself. It will definitely be interesting to see the kind of contestants we get next year, when the show is a little more well-known. I'm also hoping Kanal5 fucks with all the applicants/new constestants by completely revamping the stages. Imagine the look on people's faces when they suddenly find themself in front of the Half-Pipe Attack never having heard of it before. I would love that. But that's maybe because that's my fave obstacle.

Of course, we're not done blogging about this show, and you can expect a whole bunch of posts the next week. Then there's American Ninja Warrior, which we've never seen before, but we might recap that as well, just to get our weekly ninja fix.

But until then: sayonara ninja lovers!


  1. Just want to point out that in the Obstacles fails graphics have you a "2" on the Wall Lifting when in actuality these two should be in Floating Boards instead.

    1. Damnit. Thanks for pointing it out, I'll change that!


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